AIE Energy Projects delivers a full range of superior solutions to the power generation industry and has an established reputation with power generators for delivering high quality work on schedule at competitive prices.

At AIE Energy Projects we ensure the satisfaction of our customers by both understanding their requirements in full and by making certain our products and services meet, or exceed, their expectations.

AIE Energy Project’s expertise and capabilities are complemented by a world-class workshop facility.  AIE is the “one stop shop” for all power generation equipment.

AIE Energy Projects provides European class leading designs manufactured in New Zealand.  AIE Energy Project’s workshop is centrally located in the heart of renewable power generation resources in the North Island of New Zealand. Our close proximity to the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand’s largest port, means equipment can be efficiently and effectively received and dispatched to any international destination.

Our designers can undertake:

  • CFD calculations and optimisation of hydraulic design
  • Complete waterway optimisation
  • Energy production calculations
  • Stress analysis
  • Water hammer analysis and transient analysis
  • Mechanical design
  • Thermo dynamic efficiency testing
AIE Energy Project’s areas of specialisation within the power generation sector include, but are not limited to, the manufacture, design repair and refurbishment of:

  • Francis Runners, Guide Vanes (Wicket Gates), Regulating Rings and Head covers
  • Kaplan Turbines, Hubs, Blades, Wicket Gates, and Head covers
  • Mechanical Control Gear
  • Pelton Turbines, Buckets, Wheels, Control Gear
  • Control Gates
  • Electrical rotating specialty equipment i.e. Rotors, Retaining Rings and End Bells
AIE’s in house offerings also include:

  • Computerised Dynamic Balancing of rotating plant and equipment up to 30 tonnes, to ISO 1940 class G1 and higher
  • Precision and cost effective machining and fabrication of large components up to 62 tonne

AIE works in close proximity with industry partners to take care of all electrical design, manufacture and repair aspects of the generation equipment. In partnership we are able to perform full repair and rewind of high, medium and low voltage generators and motors. AIE is able to custom build and design standalone generator plants (Gen sets).

AIE’s Quality Management System (QMS) meets the exacting requirements of ISO 9001-2008. We place a high emphasis on documented systems and procedures. This enables AIE to guarantee high quality products and services at all times.

AIE boasts an impressive in house lift capacity of up to 62 tonne and 9 gantries ranging from 1 – 25 tonne, we handle both large and small items safely and quickly. This lifting capacity combined with large machine tools and open workshop space means AIE efficiently handles, fabricates and machines all components for power generation providers with speed and accuracy to exacting standards, from the smallest bush to the largest runner!

Our dedication to getting projects completed on time along with our customised planning systems and project management skills enable us to guarantee tight lead times for critical projects.