Components for Wind Turbine Power Generators

AIE is proud to be able to participate in developing a renewable energy source. Resources such as wind, solar and hydropower are the key to a future in sustainable power generation.

AIE manufactured 32 Nacelle pallet components for the New Zealand-designed and manufactured Windflow 500 wind turbines.

We are able to consistently implement the procedures critical to the production of Nacelle Pallet components for Windflow Technology. Our proven quality systems, price competitiveness and our ability to make these large, intricate items on an almost assembly-line basis within a confined timeframe are the elements for success in this project.

Specifically developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Inspection Test Reports (ITR) contribute to our team’s ability to meet the customer’s strict component specifications.

In addition to SOP’s and ITR’s, inter-departmental co-operation and in-depth planning were essential for the job to be completed on time and within budget.

We delivered the remainder of the second order of the Nacelle Pallet components at a staggered rate of almost one-per-week. The tight timeframes we had to complete the components did not ‘put the wind up’ our team, instead they enjoyed the challenge!