Kawerau Geothermal Power Plant Turbine Warranty Inspection

The team at Allied Industrial Engineering are constantly coming up with innovative methods and solutions to support our customers. Our Engineering Team recently assisted Mighty River Power in the Turbine Warranty Inspection located at their Kawerau Steam Turbine Generation site.

Our skilled staff created an animated 3D computer model of the disassembly and re-assembly of the major power generation components: the turbine and generator.

The animated model of the turbine inspection proved to be an extremely useful tool to illustrate the main steps in the inspection process to the staff involved. The visual representation of the inspection allowed all staff to familiarize themselves with the tasks involved in the turbine Inspection.

The Turbine Warranty Inspection was a classic example of the progressive thinking and comprehensive planning that AIE consistently provides. The inspection was successfully completed within the limited time frame to a high standard.