Manufacture of Components for Inshore Patrol Vessels: Rudders, Stern Tubes and P – Brackets

Allied Industrial Engineering – Cracks the tough military market

The successful manufacture of components for four inshore patrol vessels destined for the New Zealand Navy means that everyone is a winner, with the launch of the first inshore patrol vessel in October 2007 and with the others due for completion in the next twelve months.

The inshore patrol vessels have a 340 tonne displacement. They are 55 metres long and are capable of 25 knots, with a range of up to 3,000 nautical miles. They also have accommodation for a crew of twenty and sixteen additional personnel.

Allied Industrial Engineering’s contribution to this major Kiwi initiative, is the manufacture of four ship sets of rudders, stern tubes, “P” brackets and associated assemblies.

This was our first venture into the military market and the challenges for the team were significant. Not only did we tender on the competitive international market, but we needed to demonstrate we were able to meet and to document strict quality and marine survey requirements, with stringent testing and inspection regimes throughout manufacture.

We are ISO accredited. This means we have the internal systems and management structure in place to enable us to comply with military-build and marine ship building requirements. We have the skills and the ability to succeed in this tough market.

Over the two year timeframe and throughout all phases of the project, the team worked closely and collaboratively with the customer, solving matters of technical design and incorporating modifications to the original specifications to meet our customer’s needs.

Kiwi innovation, a high level of technical expertise, strict quality control, team commitment and sheer hard work has opened doors for us in this field and consolidates our reputation in a demanding and changing market.