Manufacture and Installation of Rotary Coal Breaker

The customer’s existing Rotary Coal Breaker was in constant need of repair with its life expectancy deteriorating quickly. Dobbie Engineers were brought in to design a replacement breaker which would have improved operational and maintenance characteristics. We assisted with the detailed design and were subsequently engaged to manufacture the new Breaker. One of the main reasons we were successful with our proposal for the manufacture of the Breaker was our ability to complete the manufacture in our shop, complete with testing, in a very tight time frame.

Once manufacture was underway we were asked for a proposal to remove the existing breaker and install and commission the replacement machine. This was all required to be done in the shortest possible timeframe so that coal supply contracts could continue to be met. We were engaged to do this work, and due to detailed project planning and having the right guys working on site, the new machine was successfully commissioned inside the required timeframe.