Speedy Refurbishment of Mud Filter Drum

Essential requirements for this piece of equipment are that it is round and parallel and that it is structurally sound. In addition, the internal vacuum arrangement has to also be robust, and free of any leakage.

The productive efficiency of a filter such as this one is dependent on dimensional tolerance, and the efficiency of the vacuum system.

In this instance the client had a filter that was well outside the dimensional tolerance, also the structural stability was cause for concern.

AIE worked in conjunction with GL&V to design and replace the s/s deck on the mud filter for CHH Tasman. The deck supporting arrangement was strengthened and machined prior to attaching the new 10mm 304s/s. The plastic grids were retained on the deck by s/s strips. A run out of less than 2mm was achieved resulting in much improved operation on site. We had 20 days to totally overhaul the drum and achieved this by running shifts around the clock.

With only a brief window of time available for this filter to be out of production, Allied Industrial Engineering undertook to reconstruct the filter in strengthening form, and produce a dimensionally accurate and true Filter Drum.

This is an example where Allied Industrial Engineering used an original approach to solving a process plant problem and delivered the required outcome within production availability constraints.