Turbine Overhaul for Power Station

Pulling a giant 40 tonne Kaplin turbine to pieces, deciding what needs replacing or repairing, remanufacturing or repairing components, documenting the process and then putting it back together, is not a straightforward task. That is why Allied Industrial Engineering was selected by the primary contractor ABB to undertake the massive overhaul.

An ABB project engineer worked closely with our staff to identify specifically what surfaces had to be machined, what materials to use for build-ups and replacement parts, and what tolerances to work to.

Solving complex engineering demands and coming up with engineering solutions, while working to exacting specifications within short timeframes is one of our areas of excellence.

Working co-operatively with ABB meant two companies combined their skills, maximised their machine capacities and joint handling capabilities to get the job done and to complete a successful repair.

The unit continues to operate well 4 years after overhaul.