Two computerised dynamic balancing machines enable AIE to balance a wide range of items from small electric motors to large industrial fans, rotors and rolls. The machines have a variety of pedestal configurations to cater for a wide range of jobs.

Both machines are manufactured to ISO9001 requirements and produce balancing certificates stating the original imbalance, the correction required and the final balance specifications achieved.

We are happy to support other engineering companies with their balancing requirements.


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balancing of fans
Balancing Turbine components

Balancing Machines:

CEMB CZ4500 machine :

  • From 5kg to 6,000kg
  • 2,480mm maximum diameter
  • 9,500mm maximum length
  • 20mm to 280mm journal diameter
  • Belt drive and direct drive capability
  • Inverted roller carriage to handle overhung jobs with a shaft on one side only
  • Maximum overhung weight of 2,500kg

CEMB CZ20000 machine :

  • From 250kg to 25,000kg on journals
  • Up to 30,000kg when job running on bearings in housings
  • 4m maximum diameter
  • 12m maximum length
  • 50mm to 400mm journal diameter
  • Belt drive and direct drive capability
  • Integrated run-out recorder which measures the eccentricity and physical run-out of rotating equipment in microns