Francis turbine installation

Trust Power Patearoa Project

Trust Power Patearoa Project AIE Hydro successfully completed the project to manufacture an improved turbine to give the machine controllability across a larger range of flow rates and thereby gaining additional output of 2.5GW/h per year from the new machine. The manufacturing time was 4 months, with 5 weeks of installation and commissioning work. This… Details
ESK1 (1)

Trust Power Esk Hydro Project

Trust Power Esk Hydro Project AIE Hydro led a contract to supply Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for the ESK Hydro Project. The scope included the supply, installation and commissioning of two Pelton turbines, generators and ancillary equipment. The ESK project has two separate generation stations drawing off the Toronui and Rimu tributaries of the ESK… Details
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West Power Amethyst Project

West Power Amethyst Project AIE Hydro led a contract to supply a 23-bucket, 6.5 MW vertical Pelton turbine and other equipment, including the runner hub and casing, injectors, main inlet valves, governor and associated pipework. AIE manufactured assembled and balanced the 6 nozzle vertical turbine in its North Island workshops. One of the contributing factors… Details