AIE prides itself in the quality of work done. We aim to always deliver above customers’ expectations and that includes making sure items are made exactly to the customer’s requirements. AIE’s quality management system ensures that every step in the process is checked against the customer’s requirements, and not passed on to the next phase unless it is 100% right.  Quality is paramount, and all staff are responsible for the quality of their own work.

In February 2003 our Quality Management System became certified by Telarc to meet the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements.” This means we can give customers confidence that we have an effective management system in place and it works. Formal certification of the system demonstrates our commitment to quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. This also means that customers can be confident in our ability to deliver products and services that consistently meet their requirements.
In October 2009 we gained the highest level accreditation of ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme (WSMP). This award recognises companies who have established health and safety systems and excellent practices in injury prevention. This is an exceptional achievement for AIE and demonstrates our continual commitment to being leaders in the engineering industry.
  • All jobs coming into the business are carefully scoped and detailed in the AIE information system to make sure the customer’s requirements are accurately documented.
  • Job packages are prepared and all relevant information included.
  • The current work schedule is checked to make sure the workshop is capable to deliver the completed job when required.
  • Materials are ordered according to the required material specifications.  Material certificates are supplied where required.
  • Work is undertaken and signed off by each operator.
  • The completed job is checked by customer services and delivered to the customer.
  • Any rework or areas of non-compliance are documented and the cause analyzed.


QUALITY-ISO-9001-CMYK-2015       Telarc-Registration-Marks-HEALTH-SAFETY-AS-NZS-4801-2015