In conjunction with our traditional oVA13ffering of Heavy Industrial Engineering, AIE is able to provide our clients with a range of condition monitoring services.  We are able to visit your plant and carry out an initial audit to inspect your equipment and identify the areas that will really benefit from a top-notch vibration analysis system. The resulting proposal will go a long way towards setting you up with a world class maintenance program.

Our range of technical services includes:

  • Vibration analysis – A good vibration analysis system allows the detection of faults ‘on the run’ in a non-intrusive way, using trending of data.  The information gathered is useful for maintenance staff, allowing plant shut downs to be planned and necessary spares to be ordered ahead of time.  This gives you the confidence that you are not going to experience breakdowns, saving production downtime, allowing for smarter maintenance and protecting your assets from serious harm.
  • Laser Alignment of rotating shafts – to ISO standards.
  • On site balancing – Imbalance detected by vibration analysis can be remedied by onsite balancing to G 0.8 if required.
  • Va1Mobile Spectrography

Our analysts are highly experienced and well respected within the industry, working with the latest technology.  We have trained technicians from VCAT 1 – to VCAT 3, along with technicians that have up to 30 years’ experience in the field of condition monitoring.  Our equipment includes a CSI 2140 Portable 4 Channel Analyser (with built in balancing and laser alignment software).